Greetings from Pune, India

June 3 2013: Settling in…

Good morning from Pune!

Well it has taken a few days but my system has finally flip 12.5 hours to local time.  It is absolutely remarkable being here again. Our first class was Saturday Ladies class and Geetaji taught!!  Guruji was taking his practice in the back of the room.  The last 15 minutes of class Geetaji turned the class over to her assistant and left so Guruji was giving instructions to us through Raya.  Yesterday, Monday, we had our first class with Prashantji, working on our body/mind mind/body connections.  We had a gorgeous rain storm during medical class last evening, I saw out the window that Guruji was sitting in a chaise on his front porch enjoying it.  I stopped and spoke to him for a couple of minutes on my way out.  He’s looking good and says that he is feeling pretty good!  I am so happy that I made the trip…

I think of you all every day,


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