Greetings once again from Pune India

June 8: A bit more…

My classes are absolutely awe-inspiring. I wish that you could be experiencing this with. Geetaji is teaching all of her classes so far, what a blessing. Taking Prashantji’s classes have been like sitting in the park with Plato. Guruji practices everyday and holds court with his young 30-something teachers for their training. They learn on each other at the foot of the Master; these young people have blest lives also.
It has rained everyday so far. June is the beginning of the monsoon season. Night before last, returning from practice, I got caught out at the beginning of the storm. It wasn’t raining hard but the drops were big and fat and I was drenched by the time I got back to the flat; I am staying right next door! Once in and showered, the skies just let loose–thunder, lightning, wind, rain–for a SoCA gal this is a great show. Cool clean air, a bit tired from practice, a cup of licorice tea–life is so very good!
I think of you everyday…
In joy,


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