At San Marcos Yoga we embrace yoga’s power to transform body, mind and spirit. Our goal is that each student also experiences the joy of practicing yoga for life. San Marcos Yoga uses a systematic progression of poses, as taught by yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, to develop individual ability. Instruction is adapted so each person can participate at their own level. Precise words, props and demonstration help facilitate learning for people of all ages and physical abilities. As a result, even within the class, each person’s practice becomes singular and personal. The objective is to cultivate this endeavor for health and wellbeing.

Class Schedule

Monday9:00a to 10:30aIntro/Level 1In-person and Zoom Live
Monday5:30p to 7:00pChair YogaIn-person and Zoom Live
Tuesday9:00a to 11:00aLevel 3In-person and Zoom Live
Tuesday5:30p to 7:00pLevel 2In-person and Zoom Live
Wednesday9:00a to 10:30aLevel 1/2In-person and Zoom Live
Thursday9:00a to 11:00aLevel 2/3In-person and Zoom Live
Thursday5:30p to 7:00pLevel 1/2In-person and Zoom Live
Friday9:00a to 10:30aReBalancingNeeds prior approval. Call: 760-533-9713 or Email