Greetings again from Pune

June 14: Winding down…

Well, just as soon as a routine seems to be establishing itself, I find it time to wind down my journey and gear up for my return trip. So of course, emotions are mixed, so much more to be gifted here and looking so forward to being home again.

The last two days have been magical! When I was here 4 years ago, one of my favorite Prashantji classes was the breath in vowel and consonant sounds. I wondered if there was any way possible that I would repeat the experience this trip. Out of nowhere yesterday morning he stopped what he was teaching, switched gears as he put it, and started teaching the vowel/consonant class! Following open practice, I was in reception purchasing audios of his classes. He came in and I realized that I had his book with me. I asked Vareem, the lovely lady that prepares his products for sale, if it would be okay to ask him to sign my book. She said, “Yes, yes Kathleen, come!” I not only got my book signed, also a genuine interest in me, how my travels were going and a very kind smile.
This week Lois Steinberg and Patricia Walden (Senior Iyengar teachers) have arrived. Rather than the usual 30- something group, Guruji was teaching to Lois and Patricia, and through them, us. That is to say, as he was doing his practice and guiding one of his granddaughters through hers, he was explaining to us what he was teaching her. Pointing out with immensely subtle yet profound adjustments the way to refine our asanas. Then with the flick of a finger or the raising of an eyebrow we would all go off to experience the action. A few minutes later we would migrate back for the next lesson. Guruji was the guru–exacting of course, but kind, generous, even joking a bit. It was all so natural and flowing, I felt as if I were sitting under the mythological Bodhi tree with my Guru. As if that weren’t enough, today’s open practice was a repeat.
I’m not sure this could have been scripted any better but perhaps I did just that! Not bad, in fact WOW!
I think of you all as these magical experiences unfold and how Life gets better and better…

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